Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Authors

We accept scholarly articles, scientific studies and book reviews written preferrably in English and German.
Full-length papers (not longer than 7 000 words) submitted for publication should contain the following: aim/purpose, review of previous research on the subject, research methodology, research findings/results (evaluated and validated), evidence (documented), conclusions, and references.
The name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s), e-mail address(es) should be given below the title of the article.The article should begin with an abstract of the article (up to 200 words). A paper written in German should be followed by a summary (up to 200 words) in English.
References in the body of the text should be given in parentheses, with the last name of the author followed by the year of publication and, where relevant, page(s) cited, e.g.: (Müller 1990, 19-29) or (Müller 1990, 74; Bartlomiejczyk 2006).
Notes: Use only when necessary and format as footnotes.
Book (monograph): Surname, Name. Year. Title of the Book. City: Publisher. or: Surname, Name and Surname, Name. Title of the Book. City: Publisher.
Book (edited volume): Surname, Name (ed.). Year. Title of the Book. City: Publisher.
Article in a journal: Surname, Name. Year. Title of the article. In: Title of the Journal. Volume (number): pages.
Article in an edited volume: Surname, Name. Year. Title of the article. In: Surname, Name (ed.), Title of the Volume. City: Publisher. Pages.
Internet resource: Surname, Name. Year (when accessed,or when published if available). Title of the article. Link. Accessed on: date.orInstitution. Year (when accessed or published). Title of the document. Link. Accessed on: date.
Unpublished dissertation: Surname, Name. Year (when defended). Title of the Thesis. Unpublished PhD dissertation (MA thesis…). City: Name of university.
Appendices: Appendix or appendices should be submitted as a separate document entitled your surname_ appendix_TRANSLATOLOGIA.doc.
All papers will be submitted for double-blind review.
The articles should be sent to: